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Born in Cleveland, Ohio. Education.: Cleveland, Ohio: public schools; early (piano and theory) training with Dorothy Smith and Mina Eichenbaum. Glenville High School, private voice with John Howard Tucker. Oberlin, Ohio: Oberlin College Conservatory of Music, composition with Herbert Elwell and Joseph Wood; voice with Robert Fountain; and piano with Emil Danenberg, B.M.E., 1955. New York, N.Y.: composition privately with Robert Starer, 1959 and Vittorio Giannini, 1960. Long Beach, California: California State University, composition with Leon Dallin and Robert Tyndall, M.Mus., 1967. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio State University, composition with Marshall Barnes, 1968-73, Ph.D.. Lawrence, Kansas: University of Kansas. [post-grad] orchestration with Edward Mattila, 1974 . Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland Institute of Music, [ post-grad] orchestration with Eugene O'Brien and (privately) Marcel Dick, 1978-83.

Composing and Performing Career.: New York, N. Y.: piano accompanist for various ballet and dance companies (including studios of Ballet Russe, Robert Joeffrey and June Taylor); received numerous performances of his compositions by a variety of artists (including composer debut at Judson Hall) 1957-61. Cleveland, Ohio: Karamu House, associate musical director, 1964-65. Raton. N.M.: Raton, N.M.: Public Schools Director of Choral Activities, 1966-67. Kaleidoscope Players, music director, 1967-68. Cleveland, Ohio: Karamu House composer-in-residence, 1979-80; Cuyahoga Community College, guest composer, 1980; Cleveland Music School Settlement, composer-in-residence, 1981-82; Accord Associates, Inc., founder and president, 1980-86, and executive vice-president and composer-in-residence, 1986-92; Creative Arts, Inc., president and artist-in-residence, 1997-present. East Cleveland: Seifullah Gallery, artist-in-residence, 2011-present. Lakewood, Ohio: Grace Presbyterian Church, music/choir director, 1996-present.

Teaching Career includes: Tallahassee, Florida: A&M University, assistant professor of music, 1968. Lawrence, Kansas: University of Kansas School of Music and Schoool of Education, associate professor of music; director of the University Concert Choir, and director of choral clinics, 1970-78.

Commissions include: Cleveland, Ohio: Ohio Chamber Orchestra, 1981-82. Minneapolils, Minnesota: Paul Kaye Singers, through Borg-Warner Foundation, 1985. Chicago, Illinois: Center for Black Music Research, 1989. Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland Chamber Symphony, 1991; The Cleveland Orchestra, 1994. East Cleveland, Ohio: Historic First Presbyterian Church, 1997. Lakewood, Ohio: Lakewood Presbyterian Church..

Memberships.: Life memberships in Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, Phi Delta Kappa, Pi Kappa Lambda, and American Choral Directors Association. Also American Guild of Organists and Advisory Council [1982], Music Arts Association (Cleveland Orchestra).

Honors/Awards.: Washington, D. C.: National Education Defense Act Fellowship, 1969-70. New York, N. Y.: National Award for Original Composition for Choral Arts, Inc., 1974. Washington, D. C.: National Endowment for the Arts [composition project] award, 1979. Cleveland, Ohio: featured composer, "Meet the Artist," Cleveland Public Schools, 1981-82, 1983-84, and 1991. Bellagio, Italy: scholar-in-residence, Rockefeller Foundation Study and Conference Center, 1979. Saratoga Springs, N. Y.: fellowships at the Yaddo Artists Colony, 1980 and 1984. Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland Foundation Fellow, 1980; and Jennings Foundation Fellow, 1981. Chicago, Illinois: NANM 2004 Composer Award. Ann Arbor, Michigan: Composer Legacy Award, National Opera Association, 2006. Long Beach, California: Distinguished Alumnus Award, California State University at Long Beach, 2006. Cleveland, Ohio: Gems of Cleveland Award, 2007. Washington, D.C.: Music Panelist, National Endowment for the Arts, 2008. Also Guest Composer Appearances and Residencies include: Juilliard School of Music, 2004; Manhattan School of Music, 2007; Joy of Singing at Lincoln Center, 2003; Tufts University, 2002; University of Baltimore College Park, 2000; Morehouse College, 2007; Millersville University, 2008; AGO Cleveland (occasional concert affiliations) 1995-Present; Guest Composer, African American Art Song Alliance National Conventions, California University Irvine, 2007 & 2012.Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland Arts Prize Lifetime Achievement Award, presented by Joel Smirnoff, President, The Cleveland Institute of Music and Basom Little Fund 50th Anniversary Concert Awardee, 2015.

Performances include: New York, N. Y.: New York City Opera & Soloists (under Brian Garman). Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Opera North, Inc. (under Kay George Roberts). Prague, Czechoslovakia: Prague Radio Symphony (under Julius Williams). Reykjavik, Iceland:: Iceland Symphony (under Everett Lee). Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland Orchestra (under Jahja Ling, Gareth Morrell, Mathis Dulak and Alan Gilbert). Buffalo, New York: Buffalo Philharmonic (under Julius Rudel and William Eddins). Indianapolis, Indiana: Indianapolis Symphony (under William Henry Curry and Charles Darden). Detroit, Michigan: Detroit Symphony (under Leslie Dunner). Savannah, Georgia: Savannah Symphony (under Phillip Greenberg). Springfield, Ohio: Springfield Symphony (under John Ferrito). Oakland, Michigan: Oakland-Pontiac Symphony (under David Daniels). St. Paul, Minnesota: St. Paul Symphony (under Eduard Forner). Cleveland, Ohio: Ohio Chamber Orchestra (under Dwight Oltman), and Cleveland Chamber Symphony (under Edwin London). Wooster,Ohio: Wooster Symphony (under Jeffrey Lindberg). Chicago, Illinois: Black Music Repertory Ensemble (under Michael Morgan and Kay George Roberts). Oberlin, Ohio: Oberlin College Opera Theater (under Judith Layng); Oberlin Guest Lecture Recital Series, Stull Recital Hall. Cleveland, Ohio: Cleveland State University Choir (under J. LanYe); Lyric Opera Cleveland (under Jonathon Field) and Greg L. Reese Performing Arts Center (under Founder Reese). New York, N. Y.: Avava Artists presentations (under Avid Williams)' Newton, Kansas: Newton Mid-Kansas Symphony (under Thomas E. Douglas). Irvine, California: University of California Irvine Symphony ((under Stephen Tucker). Chapel Hill, North Carolina: The University of North Carolina: World Premiere Piano Etudes (Complete in Two Parts). Houston, Texas: Houston Symphony (under Kirk Smith. Cleveland, Ohio: "A Spring Celebration" (All-Adams concert); "A May Bouquet" Presented by the Cleveland Clinic Arts & Culture Institute (Adams lecture).

Performances by Metropolitan Opera artists include: Sopranos Martina Arroyo, Carmen Balthrop and Veronica Tyler; Mezzo Sopranos Denyce Graves, Hilda Harris, Barbara Conrad and Florence Quivar; Tenors Curtis Rayam and Seth McCoy; Baritone Ryan Speddo Green, Ben Holt and Bass Mark Doss.

Other vocal artists include: Sopranos Rachael Aust, Lorain Roberts, Louise Toppin, Jayme Alilow, Marquita Lister, Gail Robinson-Oturu, Sandra Simon, Loraine Rodriguez, Laura English-Robinson, A. Grace Lee Mims, Allanda Small, Pamela Dillard, Helen Dilworth, Bernadine Oliphint, Bonnie Savage, Allanda Small, Alpha Floyd, Janet Alcorn, Alejandra Valarino, Lisa Edwards-Burrs, abd Tiffany Jackson. Mezzo Sopranos Angela Devine, Dorothy Lofton Jones and Patricia Eaton. Counter Tenors Darryl Taylor and Robert Lee. Tenors Roderick George, Robert Mack, Darren Anderson, Colin Eaton, Paul Adkins, Albert Randolph Lee, William Brown, and Dominic Chenes. Baritones Reginald Smith, Jr., Evan Boyer, Willis Patterson, Uzee Brown, Jr., Mel Foster, Sidney Outlaw, William Dempsey, Niel Davis, Anthony Turner, and Phillip Harris. Basses Donnie Ray Albert, Jonathan Stuckey and Eugene Thamon Simpson.

Other instrumental artists include: Pianists Thomas Otten, Adam Whiting, Maria Corley, Leon Bates, William Chapman Nyaho, Robert Cassidy, David Garvey, Althea Waites, Halida Dinova, Wayne Sanders, Jefferson Ethridge, Richard Reber, Dan Campolieta, Joseph Jobert, Dianna White-Gould, Robyn Lanier, Armenta Hummings, William Appling, Lucile Soule, Jacqueline Hairston, Anne Dalby, Dolores White and Israela Margalit. Violinists Alcestis Perry, Laura Simna, and Paul Zukowsky. Piccolos/Flutists Linda White and Katherine DeJongh. Oboists Teil Buck. Clarinetist Victoria Marra. English hornists Teil Buck and Alice Mantey. French hornists Katelyn Clement and Joseph Eger. Bassoonists Michael Dalby and Carly Gomez. Violist Eliesha Nelson. Organists Marvin Mills, Karel Paukert, James Abbington, Margaret Limkemann, Linda Gardner, Timothy Robson, Leonard Raver, Fern Jennings, Carol Neff, David Blazer and Lavert Stuart. Cellists Kent Collier and Donald White. Bassist Alan von Shenkel. Additional artists: Poet/Lyricist Joette McDonald, The Houston Symphony Orchestra, Kirk Smith, cond., The Robert Page Singers & Orchesta, The William Appling Singers & Orchestra, The Municipal Opera Company of Baltimore, Inc., The Cavani String Quartet, and The Black River String Quartet.

Dance performances include: "While Waiting," [On Etude in G Minor] Choreographed by Adriane Fanz. [University of Maryland Dance Ensemble, 1/30/2012.]

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[Library of Congress Call No.ML/40010./A225/A3/1932.]

Smaller collection at Center for Black Music Research, Columbia College Chicago; opened 1996. For additional references on this website, go to Menu and click "Articles" and "Reference Sources."